Thursday, 29 December 2011

Friends when you need them most!!

Just like to say a huge thank you via the club blog site to Ian and Brian for all their help today in moving most of a Dolomite.  I would not have managed without them and their help and friendship is worth "a Million pounds!!" Thanks chaps Chris Fish

Ian and Brian make sure the Dolly is tied down: friends save dolly
Brian makes sure it doesn't roll away :-)
Friends save dolly
Unloading the Dolly in its new home: Friends save dolly

Thursday, 22 December 2011

2011 R.A.C. Rally Report

Many thanks to Sam for the report on the R.A.C Rally and the pictures.
Enjoy Aaron
The R.A.C.Rally is based on the original event of the 60’s and 70’s, and is restricted to cars from that era.  We have followed the event now for 4 years, and in 2010 battled with 2 ft. of snow, sheet ice on the roads, and temperatures of -8 degrees.  This year was somewhat more temperate, but the entry was rather disappointing in terms of numbers, quality, and variety.  Over 60% of the cars were Escorts, which may accurately reflect the position in the 60’s and 70’s but which makes for rather monotonous spectating.  Still, there were the Saabs, Porsches, Sunbeams, and that glorious Lancia Stratos to provide some change, and even a Subaru driven by the man I did my first rally with some 40 years ago – ouch!  But not a single Triumph …….
Day 1
This year the event had its initial base at Duncombe Park, a stately home at Helmsley in North Yorkshire, and it was here that we headed.  We watched the cars being scrutineered, a detailed examination which is always a nervous time for competitors as without the scrutineer’s signature you can’t start the rally.  There were some fabulous pieces of engineering on view, including a couple of V-reg Escorts which looked as though they were built yesterday – and quite possibly were!  The first car started the first stage at 5.30, so in darkness, although with all that candlepower on the front you don’t need much daylight.  There were 2 stages though the woods at Duncombe Park and a further pair in Dalby Forest to complete the day’s action, and what action it was.  The official car which runs ahead of the field was a rather battered, but fully prepared, Land Rover Discovery, which was all noise and fire-spitting exhausts.  Then to the first competitors, driving at seemingly impossible speeds as the cars slid on the slippery concrete track.

Many of us would follow this event if only to see again the Stratos, a futuristic machine of the 70’s built specifically to win the World Rally Championship, and Steve Perez brings his example each year to delight us all, not only with its striking appearance but also the sound of its V6 Ferrari engine, which could be heard echoing through the woods long after the beast had disappeared from sight – awesome!

The cars visited the service area at Duncombe Park between stages, and here you can watch the crews work their magic in record time – but don’t stand too close or you’ll be hit with a flying spanner!  Suddenly Car1, the Escort last year’s winners, the Belgian crew of Stouf/Erard, appeared on the end of a towrope and looking rather worse for wear.  It had rolled in Dalby and now had damage to the front valance, wings, doors, and the roof at the rear was down.  As the mechanics descended on the car, we watched in amazement as a trolley jack was put inside, the roof jacked back into shape, and a new rear screen and seal installed, all in less that 5 mins!  At the other end things were looking more serious and the car was eventually retired with engine damage.

At the end of Day1 the Pirelli Escort of former winners Evans/Millington held a lead of just under 2 mins, from a whole host of other Escorts.

Day 2
Restarting from Duncombe Park the crews tackled another pair of stages in the Yorkshire forests followed by 2 more goes at the Duncombe Park woods, although in daylight this time, before heading back into the forests and then to Croft Circuit, which is where we went.  This was yet another opportunity to get up-close in the service area, and the 2 stages on the circuit were run in darkness, quite a challenge for a lot of crews who are more used to having trees either side instead of blackness and wide open spaces.  The Saabs were really struggling here, their puny 2-stroke motors not having nearly enough power to set decent times.  In contrast the Porsches were putting on a decent show, although ultimately outclassed by the 250 hp Escorts.  One car in trouble was the pretty Lancia Fulvia which ran with no lights at all, and could subsequently be seen with its service crew feverishly working under the bonnet.  It also disappeared from the scene, only to reappear the following day after having its radiator, alternator, and gearbox replaced – now that’s what I call enthusiasm!

After Croft the field tacked stages in Hamsterley and Shepherdshield, the first of which accounted for the Opel Ascona of Collins/Grist which had been setting some decent times.  Rally HQ also moved, to Carlisle racecourse where it would stay for the remainder of the event.

Day 3
The third day’s action was all in Scotland, with anxious eyes turned skywards as it got noticeably colder.  Indeed, the forest stages of Ae, Twiglees, and Newcasleton all had a light covering of snow, and this helped produce some surprising times, one of which was from the Lotus Cortina of former Ford works driver Bob Bean, a mere youth of 73!  We again went to the service area, this time at Heathall, an industrial estate at Dumfries, which also hosted a couple of stages in a nearby wood.  By this time in the event some crews are driving for a finish, but not all as could clearly be seen in the stage, which features a watersplash taken very enthusiastically by some, one of whom was Northallerton garage owner Charlie Taylor who would eventually finish an excellent fourth in the rally.  Again the Stratos was a treat, not the fastest car but certainly the loudest and the most tuneful.

Day 4
For the final day, 2 stages were planned in Kershope Forest, to the north of Kielder, but early-morning snow caused problems.  The Forest was badly affected, as were the approach roads, and when one became blocked by a jacknifed lorry, so delaying the event’s time schedule, the day’s competition was reduced to a single stage.  Even so, leaders Evans/Millington had to change a gearbox at the side of the road after being left with only 5th to do the stage.  But their lead was enough anyway, and they finally won the rally by over 7 mins, with Escorts filling all but 1 of the top 10 places.

The R.A.C.Rally is named in honour of Roger Clark, one of Britain’s best-known drivers, and its return to the values of that era is extremely popular.  It is as far removed from today’s World Rally Championship as could possibly be imagined.  Add to that atmosphere the classic cars, and the ability to get close to them and their crews, and you have a truly enjoyable motor sport event.  It’s not a rally in the sense of the CT or TSSC events, which are just glorified autotests, but a true examination of the skill and tenacity of both man and machine.  For four old codgers like us it made for a fabulously-enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

North East Area Christmas Party

Christmas party logo Venue: Birtley Catholic Club,
Date: Saturday 10th December.
Time: from 7:30pm
Cost: £5.00 per head, under 18s are welcome and go free.

Tickets available at the December meeting or by prior arrangement with Mark at the door.

Directions to the venue:
the map below will allow you get directions to the venue 

View Larger Map

The Club is on the opposite side of the road to the church and has car parkin onsite, the front car park gets filled up quite quickly but there is another carpark round the back access off Orchard street . See plan below. 
Birtley Venue Car parking Hope to see lots of you there 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

2011 Hexham Historic Rally - 19th November 2011

Hi Folks building on the information from Sam Mark has picked this information up from one of the Triumph forums, 2011 Hexham Historic Rally its held on 19th November 2011, so if you interested in entering your going to have be quick off the mark.

Details of the rally:  

There are 2 rallys
  • Hexham Historic Rally
  • The John Robson Navigation Rally
Regulations are now circulating for the 2011 HEXHAM HISTORIC RALLY, 19th November 2011, the final round in this years NESCRO calendar, this unique rally, which unlike most Historic events doesn't feature any tests, offers a 120 mile route over some classic, all asphalt roads in wildest Northumberland, an area which , although unknown almost territory to many, posesses a wealth of superb terrain, everything from tight twisty lanes to flowing moorland roads, all remarkably traffic free. Navigation is extremely straightforward, Novices get an all-tulip roadbook with the option of marked maps, Expert instructions are equally straightforward, a mix of references, tulips and map symbols, no MENSA degrees required.The rally will be based in Chollerford , a stones throw from the historic Chesters Roman Fort and the world famous Hadrian's Wall, which the rally route actually crosses no fewer than 4 times! It will feature the usual format of an early evening start with a finish in time for the traditional after rally supper and awards. Entry fee, which includes tea and supper is a modest £44.50 and regulations can be downloaded from the Hexham & DMC website.

hexham rally
Good entry building up for this year's Hexham Historic, quite a variety of cars, so far we have Porsche. Lancia, Ford Cortina & Anglia, Alfa Romeo, Clan, Triumph, Mini Cooper, Wolseley, MGB, Volvo, Lotus, a Morris 10cwt Van! and a Ferrari Dino !!!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November meeting

Well attended meeting in November despite the cold.
Quite a few club cars outside, many more inside garages for many various reasons.

Nice to have first time attendees in a lovely GT6 and another in a Stag. Unfortunately no pictures as yet, not sure wether we got any.

Christmas party all sorted, entertainment, buffet etc...

Cost £5.00 per head, under 18s go free. Birtley Cattholic Club from 7:30 10th december.

Tickets available at the December meeting or by prior arrangement with me at the door.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

North East Classic Motor Sport Events

Many thanks to Sam for the following information:

The first couple of weekends next month are particularly interesting for any enthusiasts of classic motorsport.

The R.A.C. Rally (2nd - 5th December 2011) 
Members ‘of a certain age’ may remember the RAC Rally of the 70’s and 80’s, where something like 250 cars and crews would spend 5 days (and nights!) competing over a course from the south of England into Wales and Scotland and back.  The competition was in the form of perhaps 70 timed special stages in the grounds of stately homes or forests, which were very slippery and even snowy, testing the car control of the drivers to the limit.  Why, you may even have turned out in the forests of Kielder or Hamsterley to watch.

Sadly, the present-day event is a shadow of its former self.  Now styled ‘Wales Rally GB’, it consist of 60 cars taking on a handful of stages in some obscure corner of South Wales, all done in office hours over a weekend.  But wait!  The RAC Rally lives on, in the form of the R.A.C. Rally!

The punctuation in this case is important, as R.A.C. stands for Roger Albert Clark, the full name of one of Britain’s most celebrated rally drivers of the 70’s and 80’s.  Although most of his exploits were behind the wheel of an Escort, Clark also competed in many other cars, including a Metro 6R4 and a Triumph TR7 V8.  The event is based on the style of the earlier rally, starting on a Friday and running over the weekend until Monday, although the crews do get overnight rest halts this time.  And the good news for us is that it’s all based in this region.
The rally starts at Duncome Park, a stately home near Helmsley, on Friday 2 December, and there are some stages there and also in the spectacular Dalby forest.  Restarting at Duncome Park on the Saturday, the event once more visits the Yorkshire forests, near Pickering and Whitby, before moving to Croft circuit for a service halt and a couple of stages, and then the forests of Hamsterley and Shepardshield before overnighting in Carlisle.  Sunday is all in the Scottish forests apart from some spectator stages in a quarry at Heathall, and the sting in the tail is in Kielder on the Monday, with a return to Carlisle for the declaration of results and the winner.  The entry in previous years has not featured many Triumphs and this year is no different, but for anybody who can remember the sight of a full-house Escort being driven sideways at impossible speeds on a narrow forest track, or the sight and sound of the fabulous Lancia Stratos, the R.A.C. Rally is not to be missed.  More information at

UPDATE: Spectator details are here:

The LeJog (10th - 13th December 2011) 

The following weekend sees the running of LeJog, which also passes through the region.  LeJog is a contraction of Lands End-John O’Groats, and I suppose in some ways is similar to Club Triumph’s biennial event, except that this one is competitive, with a mixture of timed tests on private ground, and road sections timed to regularity.  Whilst this might seem a bit tame, it is far from the case.  There is, for instance, in the early hours of Saturday morning, a 3 hour section on the roads of  Mid Wales which has a time control every 4 minutes, as used to be the case on championship road rallies of the 70’s and 80’s – believe me, that’s hard work!  In our area on the Sunday there is a brief halt at Tan Hill, and tests later in the day at Eastgate and at Derwent Reservoir, before an overnight halt at Gosforth Park which is where the cars can be seen close-up.  And what cars!  The entry list starts with a 1937 Riley Special, and goes on to include Morgans, MG’s, Jaguars, Alfa Romeos, Mercedes, Volvos, and Porsches.  Triumph is represented, at the minute, by 5 TR’s and a 2000 saloon.  The website for the event is at

So, a fascinating couple of weekends for motorsports enthusiasts.  Might we see you out there?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Classic Le Mans update


Area trip to Classic Le Mans is now booked for those who paid deposits.
We have a passenger seat available in one of the cars.
Anyone interested?

The cost of the camping and general entry would be £125.91 for the camping share cost and general entry. Add in £12 for a paddock ticket, a must in my opinion, and a further £24 if you want to be able to access the grandstands during the day.

You'll need to let me know and stump up the cash as soon as possible.
No news on ferry costs as yet.
Expect around £150 per person based on 2 in a car.


Monday, 31 October 2011

End of Year Rally & Show. Ryhope Engine Museum

Thansk to Joe for some nice pictures of the Triumphs at the Sunderland & District Classic Vehicle Society Show. End of Year Rally & Show. Ryhope Engine Museum, Sunday October 30th.

Apparently the White Vitesse is from Washington.

Also Joe was approached by a bloke with an MG Midget who'd bought a hard-top, which turned out "to be for a Spitfire". It has opening quarterlights (in the rear, presumably?!), the seller reckons it's quite rare, needs paint, wants £150 ono. It's in Horden. Name & phone number, please contact Joe by email


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cars for sale

29.10.11 Quick update the 2 engines and towbar in Morpeth have now been sold but the vitesse project is still available. Cheers Aaron Hi all

A couple of cars are for sale at the moment;

First one:
Joe has found it local to Morpeth:

2-litre Mk2 Vitesse Convertible on a 'J' plate. PROJECT CAR in need of complete restoration.
Originally Damson, now mainly in red, but will need full paint.
Looks solid enough, 60% - 70% complete car, Engine turns by hand, gearbox, diff, hood all present but will need wiring loom, repairs to seats, etc.,   Photo's on request. Needs a trailer to transport.

Couple of engine's, described as "13/60 and possibly gearbox to go with it" and "Spitfire engine, possibly Mk3".

Tow bar fitting, to suit Herald or Vitesse;  uses a strengthening plate in the wheel well; the type where you don't need to cut the rear bumper section.

Any interest, let Joe know and he will pass details on to the seller.

Second one:
Another Vitesse has come up for sale, local to Middlesbrough:
2.0L Vitesse Saloon, F plate (1968), in Red, MOT has just expired, apparently needs some welding to the floor but panel come with car. 35,000 miles on the clock but i don't know if that is 135,000 or not. 

The car is based in Ormesby, Middlesbrough, I have not seen that car, but a friend has. 

I there is any interest let me know and i will pass on contact details.  


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CLM 2012 Update

Following the October meeting, we have 6 cars in total pledged to go, 10 people, so there is at least one passenger/co-driver seat going.
Le Mans 2010

Get in touch if you're interested in one of the spaces.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Meeting and car for sale

At the meeting last night, Ian's 13/60 made its debut. I'm not sure the street lights do the colour justice as apprently its very bight yellow. Well done to Ian on getting this car back on the road in such a short time. He just need to needs to sort out the engine now and he will be laughing.     
Ian's herald by rougeherald
Chris Fish has also let us know about a car that has come up for sale, as it appears to be a sound working car he is obviously not interested, details below: 

Herald 12/50 1966 Wedgwood Blue over Gunmetal two tone car.
1250 herald by rougeherald
Car is in standard unmodified condition and very original throughout. It has a good interior and recent new carpets. Mechanically sound with a replacement dynamo and a negative earth conversion (which could easily be put back). Exterior appears to be in original condition and not repainted, so has a few minor dings after 45 years. Door bottoms suffer the usual corrosion and need some attention, as do the edges of the sun
roof, however this is water tight. The car is currently taxed and MoT’d and has been used regularly through the summer. Tax due in October but will shortly be renewed. Mot runs until 31st July 2012. Chassis is sound and, although having had some limited welding in the past, is fully undersealed. There is a history file containing various receipts and many MoTs to support possible genuine mileage of approximately 88,000
Car is garaged in Fenham and can be viewed at most times.

Price : £1800 Contact : David (contact number in area email)


Monday, 26 September 2011

Classic Le Mans 2012

Last call for those who want to come July 6-8 2012.

£100 per person deposits required by at the next area meeting, Sunday 2nd October. Non-refundable once a booking is made on your behalf unless we can sell the tickets on.

If you want anymore information, have a look at the organisers website.

Here's a few photos of some of our previous trips.

Team photo LMC 2010

The motley crew that went in 2012 having just packed up ready to leave.

NETSSC through the Esses

There are three of the cars from the team shot in this one, it's the end of the 'Discovery Laps' that will probably be stupidly expensive this time.

down to tertre rouge

This is the view out of my car on a previous trip, travelling down the hill from the Dunlop Bridge towards the esses and Tertre Rouge, our camp site is just up the hill amongst the trees on the left side of the photo.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Turned out nice again

Nice turnout for the Holy Island run. For the first time I can recall, there were more Vitesses than anything else, 2 MkII convertibles and a rare genuine estate.
We also had 2 13/60 Heralds, 2 MkIII Gt6 and one solitary Spitfire, the eagle eyed may also be able to pick out the other classic, one Vauxhall Victor estate, trying to hide away and failing, also, the future classic (maybe) in the shape of a Fiat Barchetta, definately not my Peugeot!
The weather held out and the roads were quiet though muddy in places.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Holy Island Run - Sunday 18th September

The run to Holy Island is Sunday 18th September.
The first meeting point is Washington Services A1 Northbound. (A on the map below) Departing 9:00am The group will then drive round the Western Bypass before going into the Tesco Kingston Park car park (B on the map below) . There is fuel available here 24 hours. We'll leave here at 9:30am then head up to a short stop at the riverside car park in Rothbury, before continuing to Holy Island.

View Larger Map
This year Geoff is doing a guided run back for those who want to going down the coastal route, through the Tyne Tunnel and into South Shields for a curry.
Or you can make your own way back, stop for chips in Seahouses or whatever.
Hope to see you there.

Stafford Review 2011

At the recent area meet I asked if anyone was willing to do a write up of the Stafford Show, thanks go to Ryan for providing this comprehensive report of Stafford 2011.

The Stafford show is an important date in any concourse triumph owners’ calendar and going for the third time this year it was, as always, a very worthwhile experience, this year having the slight difference of being able to buy for my own car, which is always fun.
Something I’ve noticed over all three of years of going is the lack of signs leading from major roads to the event, which may be a little on the pricey side but it would be a single payment as they could be used repeatedly, just to help the newcomers to the event, those without sat nav, find it with a lot more ease. On arriving, there was a wide range of cars in the field include a few great examples of heralds, vitesse’ and GT6s but no matter how good they where, they where, as usual, nothing in comparison to the cars inside.
Like the rolling road a few years earlier, the “trunnion oiling” was the hype of the older gentlemen who had oil, almost literally, in their veins. 
Gathered under the gazebo enjoying the technical expertise of the mechanics, asking what exactly there doing every time a new tool is selected or there’s a pause, or any other change in activity that might occur.
The stalls outside, as usual, where full of all sorts of body parts, trim, mechanical parts and anything in between, some perfectly priced, others not so much, a £10 homemade stainless steel gaiter ring comes to mind. It was nice to see a wide range of activities for the younger car enthusiasts and the older, slightly unhinged ones too, including sumo wrestling which if I had any money left at the end of the day I thought I might try..... I didn’t due to an extensive spending spree but maybe next year. 
Inside the hall was full from the off with some great examples like the single-seater and silver spitfire on the triumph club stand and as usual the red TR6 with its perfect brake discs and suspension. However all of these, where totally put to shame by a blue and silver Morris minor, it may have been on the small side and a not very standard pick-up truck edition but it was magnificent and I can say with total honesty that I, like many others, would have one in a heartbeat.
The stalls inside where a bit more organized offering a bit more of a professional feel to their selling but still as confused with their pricing, a £15 window winder handle comes to mind. The stalls, like the ones outside, where full of herald, vitesse, spitfire, TR, 2000 and Gt6 parts but dolomite parts were almost nonexistent, I did happen to buy most of what there was but the fact there was so little is something that I’ve been struggling with ever since I actually bought the car.

In the main hall I could say that the turnout was very impressive with lovely examples of every type of car including a rather nice green dolomite sprint that showed up later in the day (which I voted for people’s choice). Green Dolly Pic
Over all the Saturday of the show, only being able to stay for the one day, was a very good day and I do apologize to any dolomite owners for buying everything at the show.

Monday, 5 September 2011

September Meeting - some of the area cars

There was a good turn out at the September meeting, with some new cars and some that have been around for a while. Since Chris Fish had his camera with him I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the cars.

Lets start with the new ones first:

After an extensive search Joe has finally found a Vitesse Estate, one of only 22 made, well done on finding it Joe.
Another new car turned up at the meet, it belongs Ryan Payne, Graham Paynes 17 year old son,  a Dolomite 1500 TC, nice first car, Hopefully see Ryan at other meets. 
 Andy's Vauxhaul Victor - a nice very green massive car
 Some cars that have been around for a while:

Brian's MK5 which has been painted up to look like a Lotus Elan
Andy's Vitesse 
Sam's GT6 plus other cars in the background
Sue's Vitesse MK2 
 Mick and Julie's Spitfire 1500
There were plenty more cars were at the meeting and I will try to show case them in other posts.
Regards Aaron

Storage needed

Can anyone help find some reasonable low cost storage for a '72 Spitfire that has lost it's garage. currently in Gosforth but anywhere local would do. Failing that, the car will probably be for sale.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Meeting night coming up & '64 Herald saloon for sale

Nearly time for the next meeting, This Sunday evening.

In the meantime, we are aware of a '64 Herald saloon for sale.
This has been stored in a garage for the last 30 years. The garage has been broken into through the roof, at present we don't know how much damage has been done to the car as the garage door is welded shut, it appears (through the keyhole) that the headlights are broken. No idea why it was originally laid up either
It probably needs quite a bit of attention as it is.


Monday, 22 August 2011

Raby Castle - 21 August 2011

Thanks to Sam Simpkins for the following report of Raby Castle, classic car show;

Now, I don’t usually do car shows – I’m still primarily interested in the motorsport side of things – but my Morgan-owning friend Allan suggested a run to the Raby Classic Car Show on 21 August.
Sam in his GT6
It’s a stunning venue, helped by a lovely summer’s day. We arrived about an hour after the gates opened, and I was surprised to be asked whether I wanted to go to the car park, or onto the show field. Well, I have my car for driving and enjoying, not for polishing, so I chickened out!
The showfield itself seemed quite small but had over 300 cars, commercials, and ‘bikes of all types. Predictably there were loads of MG’s and Moggie Minors, but only a handful of E-Types, and also some interesting American stuff, such as an Edsel. As for Triumphs, there were a few Stags and TR’s, a couple of 1300 saloons, and a solitary Vitesse, but not a single Herald, GT6, or Spitfire.

Stag Owners Club
We were wowed by a Jaguar SS, but in flawless pearlescent silver? A front end with vented discs and coilover shocks gave the lie, and the fibreglass bodywork confirmed it – hmmm.
Best car for me was this fabulous AC Aceca, the nearest thing there to a GT6 – except for mine, of course!
AC Aceca
Sam Simpkins

Sounds like a nice event to go to, I still think Sam should have parked his car on the show field though, maybe next to the Ac Aceca.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August meeting

Good turnout at the August meeting, nice Vauxhall Victor estate in the car park.
One local has a 1500 engine, carbs, 3.63 diff, metal hardtop for sale.
Another is selling a Sprint engined Spit MkIV, O/D, S/S exhaust, leather interior, full test, any takers for the parts or the car get in touch via

Brian A, Ian L, Ken F and others are all going down to Stafford. Anyone wanting to go with them, again, get in touch.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Croft Nostalgia weekend 6-7 August 2011

This week is the Croft Nostalgia weekend, at Croft circuit near Darlington. 
Croft Race Circuit, Durham Tees Valley Military Vehicle Trust & Teesside Yesteryear Motor Club, invite owners of historic vehicles to another exiting weekend of motoring and military nostalgia. Held at Croft Circuit, a former WW2 RAF bomber airfield, and following on from the success of the 2010 event, this promises to be another weekend to remember. Historic motor sports on the track all weekend with the prestigious Historic Sports Car Club with cars of all types from 1950’s to 1980’s.

Ticket Prices (on the gate)
Saturday £12
Sunday £15
Weekend £22

More details and a race programme are available on

If anyone does go please can i have a report.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

2012 calendar

Time to think about the area 2012 calendar which will run from March 2012 to March 2013.
This is what last years looked like in case you don't have one!
Pictures wanted, best if they are landscape, feature something suitably Triumph, good quality and taken in HIGH RESOLUTION, at least 3MPixel, anything less doesn't lend itself well for blowing up.

Cutoff this year will be December so we can have the calendars ready for distribution at our February meeting.
They'll be on an order in advance basis this time. just need to get a printing price from the club.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Silverstone Classic 2011

Early on Friday morning I got in my car to drive to Bowes to meet Chris to drive down to Silverstone. Sadly neither of us could boast a Triumph capable of getting to Silverstone, mine has a nasty rattle on 2nd and 3rd gear and I wasn’t willing to risk it and Chris’s Gentry just will not start. Sandwiches made and car packed we headed South, meeting up with Gavin and Kevin (MK4 spitfire) and James and his brother (1500 Spitfire), in a services near Sheffield.
Arrival at Silverstone the skyline dominated by new pits which do not disappoint. We found our way to the woodlands campsite, which is a little distance from the circuit. It does pay to book the camping in advance as Gavin and James had left this to chance and ended up in a different campsite.  Camping was £35 each for the weekend but you could camp from Thursday – Sunday making it great value; the campsite facilities were really good too. 
Friday afternoon we wandered around Silverstone looking at E-Types and more E-Types and watching racing.
E-Type Traffic Jam
Saturday we were up early, alarm clock provided by a TVR Sagaris which we could have sworn was in the tent.
New TVR alarm clock
We spent most of Saturday watching more racing including Ford Mustangs, Ford  Mercurys,  MKII Jaguars and even a MK7 Jaguar trying desperately to keep up, the engine capacity ranged from 2.4Ltr to 7.5ltrs.  Next we saw cooper racing cars tear round the track and then E-Type racing. It was awesome to see the Jags race especially to think that is was there 50th birthday.
Also there was a selection of “Hot rods” and “Rat rods” some of which included a couple of Fiat 126’s from TAZ RACING with massive Chevrolet engines and big wheels specially designed to drag race .        
There were lots of car clubs ranging from Ferrari to Lotus to Mazda with Austin Seven and Bentley and Lamborghini and Porsche and Jaguar thrown in for good measure. The TSSC were there too with a stand with some nice club cars, including Chris Gumby’s Herald hatchback. Ken and Sandra and Lyndsey and partner had their MX-5s on display too.  
750cc Motor Club

750cc Motor Club

Rally Skoda

Morgan Pedel Car
Next it was in to the 50th birthday Jaguar E-Type display apparently there were upward of 1500 E-Types at Silverstone that weekend.
Later we went on to the pits, which were accessible via a short free bus ride. Standing next to the Lotus JPS F1 car has to be a highlight as well as seeing a driver try to repair his Cooper nose cone with a hammer and dolly after crashing it in to a fellow racer.
I also made a new friend, after spotting Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal. I may have appeared a little too enthusiastic when I asked to have a photo taken with him, but he was happy to oblige.  
Later we went to see the music and group C Racing, I’m not sure that “I’m not in love” by 10CC goes with the roar of Le Mans Jaguars, but it was good fun.
On Sunday we packed up the car and then went to watch the E-Types race again, sadly there was a crash but no-one was hurt, but there were two fairly smashed up E-Types. I guess that is ok though as they were doing what they were designed to do.
All in all a very enjoyable weekend with lots of beautiful cars, brilliant racing, great access to the pits, good camping facilities. Something I would recommend to others maybe on a none Classic Le Mans year, cost wise it works out about £85 per person for ticket and camping based on the 2 for 1 ticket deal, then you need to factor in petrol and food and spends, I would guess if you are careful you could do the whole weekend for under  £200.