Tuesday, 31 July 2012


What's that coming over the hill is it an Outspan, is it an Outspan..............No its Brian's Awesome looking Tango-Herald. Painted in Porsche Orange with satin black where the chrome would normally be.

tango herald
Brian emailed me last night with the picture and wanted to say a big thanks to Chris Fish and Ken Falcus for help over the weekend.

Brian said the the car is nearly finished, however still quite a few jobs left to do, mainly fiddly stuff, but he is hoping to make the club meeting in September.

Makes you wonder if we will soon have enough convertible Heralds in the club to make up the rainbow colours ROYGBIV

Red - My car
stafford pictures 2009 079 cropped
Orange - Brian's car
tango herald
Yellow - Ian's car
Camping and driving at Middleton
Green - Richie's car
car photos
Blue -Michael's car
car photos
Indigo - anyone fancy painting their Herald Indigo
Violet - now Chris Fish has a Purple Mk1 Vitesse, thats almost a Herald.

Well done Brian can't wait to see the car.
Best wishes Aaron