Thursday, 30 June 2011

Corbridge Classics Show

Corbridge Classics show this Sunday at Tynedale Rugby Club, Station Road, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5AY.

Quite a few local cars going to be displayed together along with a stand from the club.
Keeping fingers crossed for good weather.
It looks like we have one drop-out so there's a space for another Triumph.

Show opens for exhibitors at 9am, open to the public 11am to 4pm.
You can leave early with the assistance of event marshalls though.
If you're interested in taking the space please get in touch.


Monday, 27 June 2011

TSSC NE Camping Weekend – 24th – 26thJune

The weekend started on Friday night with the group meeting in Allensford Country Park camp site,  Castleside, near Consett. The group arrived and put up there tents and the evening’s entertainment commenced with good banter and drinks and some skiffle tunes on the ukulele-banjo from Brian. 
3 spits and a mazda
On Saturday morning suitably dressed as Gangsters and Molls the group assembled for the run which was organised by Lisa and Steve.
Gangsters and Molls
After a slight delay on the start due to the group having to wait for me due to my over reliance on Google, we headed off for our drive across Country Durham, Weardale and Teesdale stopping for lunch in Middleton-in-Teesdale. A recommendation from a local meant some of us headed to a local cafĂ© called 1618 for some lunch. A very good recommendation if you ever in the area.
Mafia deal?
After lunch it was time for some more driving heading back towards Stanhope with some 17% down hills and Monte Carlo style “S” bends, you could literally smell the brake the brake pads. All credit to Steve and Lisa I never knew we had such wonderful empty roads less than 15 miles from where we live. I will have to investigate them again.

Back at the campsite we chilled with some food and drinks, and watched the campsite bingo / disco. Chris Fish even discovered a use for the grill on the disposable BBQ he had taken apart.
This could be a bonnet vent
About 7ish the band arrived, Ken, Sandra, & Lindsey had promised that there would be entertainment, but we didn’t expect the excellent band that turned up. The Attic Band a three piece group with banjo, guitar bass and percussion were truly excellent. They were well briefed by Lindsey of our theme and therefore played a good mix of songs from the 30’s, 50’s and 60’s.
The Attic Band
One I managed to video was the “L and N don’t stop here any more”, a song about demise of mining in America

With the music flowing across the campsite other campers started to gather around the marquee and were made welcome by the TSSC group. There was dancing and singing and the Attic Band were almost upstaged by a man with a budgie, but carried on regardless. 
Budgie Man
The music was followed by a very funny blues brothers skit by Brian and Pat, a quiz and celebrating Mick’s birthday with chocolate fountain and cake.
Brian and Pat - AKA Jake and Ellwood
Happy Birthday Mick
The evening started to draw to a close with a group of drinking whiskey and planning future events.
The next morning saw the group pack up and head home, I had clearly picked up a bug and it had nothing to do with a certain Jim Beam, needless to say my lovely wife drove us both home in our Herald, no pressure as she has never had the opportunity to drive it before.       
Catherine drives home
This is a camping weekend that won’t be forgotten for a long time. A massive thank you goes to Ken, Sandra, & Lindsey for all the great entertainment and to Steve & Lisa for a faultless drive out on roads I never knew existed. This was my first camping weekend with the area and it comes highly recommended, so if you haven’t been to one get yourself there for the next one.

More pictures in the photo gallery.


Area Camping Weekend

Area camping weekend has been and gone, here's a link to some photos of the event, as yet I have no more info on how it went as I couldn't attend.

Area camping pictures


Friday, 24 June 2011

The Morpeth Fair day - Classic Car Show

The Morpeth Fair day took place this weekend (Sunday 12th June) and was well attended by the North East TSSC area members. There were between 100 - 150 vehicles in the show, with a parade headed-up by 50 Harley Davidsons. The weather forecast for the day was correct and the rain held off until 4pm. All in all a good day was had by all who attended.
TSSC North East Area memebers:
Geoff Dent - GT6 Mk 3 (Orange)
Martin Donald - Vitesse Convertible (White)
Michael Bowery - Herald 13/60 (Dark Blue)
Kevan Russell - GT6 Mk2 (Valencia Blue)
Bill Crawford - Triumph Steering Column (Black)
Richie Eagle - Heald 13/60 (Green)
Mick & Julie Lewis - Spitfire 1500 (White)
Simon Canham - Vitesse Convertible (Dark Blue)

The group were also joined by;
Rune Dyebedal - Spitfire Mk4 (Red)
Dave from Morpeth area, Spitfire (White)
Dave from Ashington, Vitesse Saloon (Blue)

There was also a very early Herald, TR6 and Stag on show.

More pictures are in the Photo Gallery part of the site

Many thanks to Joe Grundy for the pictures.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Spitifre Visit

Had a visit from Colin and Matt (father & son) this evening. Matt wants a Spitfire but had never been in one, took him out in mine for a run round. Seemed to like it, "Cool car"!
May see them at Corbridge on the 3rd July or at the meeting later.
Hope the car they are looking at turns out to be a good one.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Camping Weekend

Camping this weekend at a site in Allenheads.
Run out Saturday morning from the campsite car park starting no later than 10:30, stopping at Killhope. Hope the weather is good.

Just been out and saw a orangy red Mk2 2000 series project car on a trailer next to Rake Lane hospital.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Car movement news

Car movement news, Paul has moved his blue Spit MkIII on to a lad called Matt.
Best wishes to Paul, hope we see you again sometime.
Welcome Matt. Will we see you and the car at a meeting I wonder?


Monday, 13 June 2011

FBHV Important Survey - Open until End of July

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs exists to ensure that we all continue to have the right to use our vehicles on the road – whatever their age.It does this by lobbying but it can only be really effective when armed with accurate information such as the number of people involved with historic vehicles, the number of vehicles they own and the value the movement brings to the economy.

FBHVC’s last survey in 2006 now needs to be brought up to date, and a new survey has been started. We urge all our members to take part and to encourage their friends to do so as well: the move people who do, the more accurate the results will be, and the more accurate the results are, the better the FBHVC will be able to protect all our interests.

The simplest way to participate is to go to and click the link to the questionnaire. The link is now open and will remain so until the end of July.

If you prefer to complete a paper questionnaire, please send a C5 stamped addressed envelope to FBHVC, Kernshill, Shute Street, Stogumber, Taunton. TA4 3TU.

Reposted from TSSC Site


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Reminder: Morpeth Show

Reminder, it's the Morpeth Show this Sunday coming, pop along to see a parade and display of historic, classic and interesting vehicles, headed-up by 50+ Harley Davidsons. Quite a few local Triumphs are taking part again this year. 

The running order is here: Morpeth fair day running order 12th June 2011

Also, there's a new (to the area) redy orange 1500 Spit in Sunderland, saw it in a garage having a bit of work done. Wonder if we'll ever see it at club meets.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nice Turnout and New faces

Nice turnout at the last meeting, lots of Spitfires outside, couple of MX5s as well.
Nice to have some old faces return, Geoff Murray, Steve Edmond and Philip Tucker after a while away, also nice to have a new face, Rob Moore with a Spit MkIV.
Not much else to report for now.
Back soon.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Next meeting

Next meeting is this Sunday, 5th June.
Hope to see some new faces there.

Club cars at the May meeting  

Weekend after, June 12th is the Morpeth Show which a number of NE members willl be attending. Hope they get nice weather.