Friday, 24 June 2011

The Morpeth Fair day - Classic Car Show

The Morpeth Fair day took place this weekend (Sunday 12th June) and was well attended by the North East TSSC area members. There were between 100 - 150 vehicles in the show, with a parade headed-up by 50 Harley Davidsons. The weather forecast for the day was correct and the rain held off until 4pm. All in all a good day was had by all who attended.
TSSC North East Area memebers:
Geoff Dent - GT6 Mk 3 (Orange)
Martin Donald - Vitesse Convertible (White)
Michael Bowery - Herald 13/60 (Dark Blue)
Kevan Russell - GT6 Mk2 (Valencia Blue)
Bill Crawford - Triumph Steering Column (Black)
Richie Eagle - Heald 13/60 (Green)
Mick & Julie Lewis - Spitfire 1500 (White)
Simon Canham - Vitesse Convertible (Dark Blue)

The group were also joined by;
Rune Dyebedal - Spitfire Mk4 (Red)
Dave from Morpeth area, Spitfire (White)
Dave from Ashington, Vitesse Saloon (Blue)

There was also a very early Herald, TR6 and Stag on show.

More pictures are in the Photo Gallery part of the site

Many thanks to Joe Grundy for the pictures.


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