Monday, 26 September 2011

Classic Le Mans 2012

Last call for those who want to come July 6-8 2012.

£100 per person deposits required by at the next area meeting, Sunday 2nd October. Non-refundable once a booking is made on your behalf unless we can sell the tickets on.

If you want anymore information, have a look at the organisers website.

Here's a few photos of some of our previous trips.

Team photo LMC 2010

The motley crew that went in 2012 having just packed up ready to leave.

NETSSC through the Esses

There are three of the cars from the team shot in this one, it's the end of the 'Discovery Laps' that will probably be stupidly expensive this time.

down to tertre rouge

This is the view out of my car on a previous trip, travelling down the hill from the Dunlop Bridge towards the esses and Tertre Rouge, our camp site is just up the hill amongst the trees on the left side of the photo.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Turned out nice again

Nice turnout for the Holy Island run. For the first time I can recall, there were more Vitesses than anything else, 2 MkII convertibles and a rare genuine estate.
We also had 2 13/60 Heralds, 2 MkIII Gt6 and one solitary Spitfire, the eagle eyed may also be able to pick out the other classic, one Vauxhall Victor estate, trying to hide away and failing, also, the future classic (maybe) in the shape of a Fiat Barchetta, definately not my Peugeot!
The weather held out and the roads were quiet though muddy in places.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Holy Island Run - Sunday 18th September

The run to Holy Island is Sunday 18th September.
The first meeting point is Washington Services A1 Northbound. (A on the map below) Departing 9:00am The group will then drive round the Western Bypass before going into the Tesco Kingston Park car park (B on the map below) . There is fuel available here 24 hours. We'll leave here at 9:30am then head up to a short stop at the riverside car park in Rothbury, before continuing to Holy Island.

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This year Geoff is doing a guided run back for those who want to going down the coastal route, through the Tyne Tunnel and into South Shields for a curry.
Or you can make your own way back, stop for chips in Seahouses or whatever.
Hope to see you there.

Stafford Review 2011

At the recent area meet I asked if anyone was willing to do a write up of the Stafford Show, thanks go to Ryan for providing this comprehensive report of Stafford 2011.

The Stafford show is an important date in any concourse triumph owners’ calendar and going for the third time this year it was, as always, a very worthwhile experience, this year having the slight difference of being able to buy for my own car, which is always fun.
Something I’ve noticed over all three of years of going is the lack of signs leading from major roads to the event, which may be a little on the pricey side but it would be a single payment as they could be used repeatedly, just to help the newcomers to the event, those without sat nav, find it with a lot more ease. On arriving, there was a wide range of cars in the field include a few great examples of heralds, vitesse’ and GT6s but no matter how good they where, they where, as usual, nothing in comparison to the cars inside.
Like the rolling road a few years earlier, the “trunnion oiling” was the hype of the older gentlemen who had oil, almost literally, in their veins. 
Gathered under the gazebo enjoying the technical expertise of the mechanics, asking what exactly there doing every time a new tool is selected or there’s a pause, or any other change in activity that might occur.
The stalls outside, as usual, where full of all sorts of body parts, trim, mechanical parts and anything in between, some perfectly priced, others not so much, a £10 homemade stainless steel gaiter ring comes to mind. It was nice to see a wide range of activities for the younger car enthusiasts and the older, slightly unhinged ones too, including sumo wrestling which if I had any money left at the end of the day I thought I might try..... I didn’t due to an extensive spending spree but maybe next year. 
Inside the hall was full from the off with some great examples like the single-seater and silver spitfire on the triumph club stand and as usual the red TR6 with its perfect brake discs and suspension. However all of these, where totally put to shame by a blue and silver Morris minor, it may have been on the small side and a not very standard pick-up truck edition but it was magnificent and I can say with total honesty that I, like many others, would have one in a heartbeat.
The stalls inside where a bit more organized offering a bit more of a professional feel to their selling but still as confused with their pricing, a £15 window winder handle comes to mind. The stalls, like the ones outside, where full of herald, vitesse, spitfire, TR, 2000 and Gt6 parts but dolomite parts were almost nonexistent, I did happen to buy most of what there was but the fact there was so little is something that I’ve been struggling with ever since I actually bought the car.

In the main hall I could say that the turnout was very impressive with lovely examples of every type of car including a rather nice green dolomite sprint that showed up later in the day (which I voted for people’s choice). Green Dolly Pic
Over all the Saturday of the show, only being able to stay for the one day, was a very good day and I do apologize to any dolomite owners for buying everything at the show.

Monday, 5 September 2011

September Meeting - some of the area cars

There was a good turn out at the September meeting, with some new cars and some that have been around for a while. Since Chris Fish had his camera with him I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the cars.

Lets start with the new ones first:

After an extensive search Joe has finally found a Vitesse Estate, one of only 22 made, well done on finding it Joe.
Another new car turned up at the meet, it belongs Ryan Payne, Graham Paynes 17 year old son,  a Dolomite 1500 TC, nice first car, Hopefully see Ryan at other meets. 
 Andy's Vauxhaul Victor - a nice very green massive car
 Some cars that have been around for a while:

Brian's MK5 which has been painted up to look like a Lotus Elan
Andy's Vitesse 
Sam's GT6 plus other cars in the background
Sue's Vitesse MK2 
 Mick and Julie's Spitfire 1500
There were plenty more cars were at the meeting and I will try to show case them in other posts.
Regards Aaron

Storage needed

Can anyone help find some reasonable low cost storage for a '72 Spitfire that has lost it's garage. currently in Gosforth but anywhere local would do. Failing that, the car will probably be for sale.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Meeting night coming up & '64 Herald saloon for sale

Nearly time for the next meeting, This Sunday evening.

In the meantime, we are aware of a '64 Herald saloon for sale.
This has been stored in a garage for the last 30 years. The garage has been broken into through the roof, at present we don't know how much damage has been done to the car as the garage door is welded shut, it appears (through the keyhole) that the headlights are broken. No idea why it was originally laid up either
It probably needs quite a bit of attention as it is.