Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cars for sale

29.10.11 Quick update the 2 engines and towbar in Morpeth have now been sold but the vitesse project is still available. Cheers Aaron Hi all

A couple of cars are for sale at the moment;

First one:
Joe has found it local to Morpeth:

2-litre Mk2 Vitesse Convertible on a 'J' plate. PROJECT CAR in need of complete restoration.
Originally Damson, now mainly in red, but will need full paint.
Looks solid enough, 60% - 70% complete car, Engine turns by hand, gearbox, diff, hood all present but will need wiring loom, repairs to seats, etc.,   Photo's on request. Needs a trailer to transport.

Couple of engine's, described as "13/60 and possibly gearbox to go with it" and "Spitfire engine, possibly Mk3".

Tow bar fitting, to suit Herald or Vitesse;  uses a strengthening plate in the wheel well; the type where you don't need to cut the rear bumper section.

Any interest, let Joe know and he will pass details on to the seller.

Second one:
Another Vitesse has come up for sale, local to Middlesbrough:
2.0L Vitesse Saloon, F plate (1968), in Red, MOT has just expired, apparently needs some welding to the floor but panel come with car. 35,000 miles on the clock but i don't know if that is 135,000 or not. 

The car is based in Ormesby, Middlesbrough, I have not seen that car, but a friend has. 

I there is any interest let me know and i will pass on contact details.  


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