Monday, 22 August 2011

Raby Castle - 21 August 2011

Thanks to Sam Simpkins for the following report of Raby Castle, classic car show;

Now, I don’t usually do car shows – I’m still primarily interested in the motorsport side of things – but my Morgan-owning friend Allan suggested a run to the Raby Classic Car Show on 21 August.
Sam in his GT6
It’s a stunning venue, helped by a lovely summer’s day. We arrived about an hour after the gates opened, and I was surprised to be asked whether I wanted to go to the car park, or onto the show field. Well, I have my car for driving and enjoying, not for polishing, so I chickened out!
The showfield itself seemed quite small but had over 300 cars, commercials, and ‘bikes of all types. Predictably there were loads of MG’s and Moggie Minors, but only a handful of E-Types, and also some interesting American stuff, such as an Edsel. As for Triumphs, there were a few Stags and TR’s, a couple of 1300 saloons, and a solitary Vitesse, but not a single Herald, GT6, or Spitfire.

Stag Owners Club
We were wowed by a Jaguar SS, but in flawless pearlescent silver? A front end with vented discs and coilover shocks gave the lie, and the fibreglass bodywork confirmed it – hmmm.
Best car for me was this fabulous AC Aceca, the nearest thing there to a GT6 – except for mine, of course!
AC Aceca
Sam Simpkins

Sounds like a nice event to go to, I still think Sam should have parked his car on the show field though, maybe next to the Ac Aceca.

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