Monday, 25 September 2017

Whitley Bay Show 2017

Another nice show, although weather doesn't look as thought it was that good. Thanks to all who attended looks like a fair few triumphs braved the wind and cold.

You have to ask has Geoff intentionally made his GT6 look like giant remote control car with the massive flag, I'm sure he will tell you it was to stop it blowing away...

best wishes all

Recent runs - Flodden Field and Jim Clarke Museum

Hi All

Apologies for the delay in posting, just quick update on the recent runs and show the club have been attending.

The Group headed up to Flodden Field, Near Branxton, Northumberland, England and then on to the JIM CLARK MUSEUM in Dunns. 
Club cars
Flodden Field is a famous battle site "The Battle of Flodden or Flodden Field" that was part of a conflict between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland in 1513.
Battle site

They also spotted at statue of WOJTEK the solider bear from WW2, you guys find some interesting stuff :)

WOJTEK story

WOJTEK and friends 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Report on the Coxhoe Classic Car and Bike Show 2017

This year the Coxhoe classic car and bike show was massive with easily over 100 cars, loads of classic scooters and motor bikes too. Pretty much something for everyone, from a Y-reg Metro Vandern Plas to a Maclaren, classic Minis, a couple of E-types, some triumphs   and host of american cars. 

Great to see Sam, Chris and Deryck there too.

Here are just  few of the pictures I took.


Mk 3 Spitfire 

Group shot

Herald 1200 saloon

Go on Dad buy it  for me :)

Chevy :)

Group shot

E-Type Jag

Rover SD1 3.5 

Metro Vandern Plas

Impala and VW bus 



Orange Beetle 

This way up :-D


Monday, 12 June 2017

Coxhoe classic car and bike show - Wednesday 14th June 2017, 5:30 onwards

Coxhoe classic car and bike is on again this Wednesday. a nice little show, where you can just turn up and park on the green. 

This year the date is Wednesday 14th June 2017, 5:30 onwards.

The first meeting was held around 5 years ago and was attended by around thirty cars & bikes. Last years’ meeting Involved at least 100 – 150 exhibits, if not more, which filled the village green. This has become a popular show with people travelling from all local areas and as far as Pickering North Yorkshire, Hexham and many other parts of the North East.
It is hoped that this year there will be a large representation from regional Scooter clubs in light of the new business set up in Coxhoe, “ I Classico” selling parts for Classic Scooters.
Trophies are awarded for Car & Bike of the night where the judging is very light hearted carried out by any a chosen visitor. A plaque was given to us by North Yorkshires classic car dealers D T Mathewson’s of Thornton-Le-Dale Pickering who were impressed with our venue and the great atmosphere of the evening. This plaque is presented to fellow enthusiasts who put their “heart and soul” into attending classic events and make great efforts to support the Coxhoe Classics evening.
Spread word about this special free event in Coxhoe, it is amazing what people have hidden away in their garages!
For further information please contact the Gem Cafe Coxhoe where food and refreshments will be served throughout the evening.
I went back in 2015 Coxhoe classic car & bike show 2015 

Its worth a visit. 


Morpeth Fair and Car show 2017

A few nice videos of the the TSSC group at Morpeth fair thanks to Joe Grundy for taking them. 
Looks like a good turn out.  

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

NE1 Car show - July 2016

I decided to pop along to the NE1 car show in this weekend. Its a show I have heard about but never been to, so thought as it was local and free it was worth a look.

The show takes up all of Grey Street from the Monument to the junction with Dean St.

There were a good selection of cars from Lamborghini and Ferrari to AC Cobra's and a very loud V10 Audi R8. Also there were Tesla and the new Aston DB11.

There was also few classics there including a nice Bristol and Triumph Stag and classic American muscle cars, plus some classics for rental from Northumbria classic car rentals.

Here are a selection of  the cars at the show.  


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Classics in Corbridge 2016, Tynedale Park

SUNDAY 3rd JULY 2016 saw the annual Classics in Corbridge @ Tynedale Park a great show organised by MG Northumbria supported by local Classic spare parts trader Sports Car Supplies, Swalwell –

Some of area cars were present at the show, many thanks to Joe Grundy for the pictures. 
Sam's GT6
Must be serious Kevin, with both the boot and the bonnet up :) 
I see Kevin's bonnet is up again :)
Martin and Deryck's cars looking good